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Schwank Case Study
Clearwater Beach, FL

Schwank heats up Hooters with the advanced and efficient supremeSchwank

Before we had the heaters nobody would sit on the patio but now when we turn the heaters on the patio is completely full and customers are a lot happier.

- Hooters on the supremeSchwank

About the Facility

Hooters is a bar and grill legacy that has amassed a massive following worldwide. The two-story location in Clearwater Beach, FL is located directly above Ron Jon’s Surf Shop is one of the most beautiful locations that includes a dining area spread over two levels.


The Issue

Issues with the mushroom head heaters such as the inability to uniformly heat large groups of people, waitresses having to maneuver around them, and the potential liability of customers bumping into them forced Hooters to seek out an alternative heating solution.


Seven supremeSchwank 2300 series overhead restaurant patio heaters were safely fixed out of reach of patrons and employees mounted to the ceilings, with a discreet black coating that blends well into the background of any restaurant décor.


With the installation of the supremeSchwank heaters, Hooters quickly saw an increase in revenue and a quick return on investment. Already, both levels of patios at Hooters are seen to be operating at full capacity, translating into higher revenues.

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