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  • Welcome to the Free Quote Wizard

    After filling out the information, you will receive a quote within 72 hours. Your quote will be provided by a contractor in order to quote you an intalled price

    Before getting started please ensure that you have the following information ready in order to avoid delays or incomplete forms.

    • Your patio dimensions
    • A detailed sketch or high quality photograph of your patio
    • Structure construction material
    • Coldest outside temperature and your desired patio temperature
    • Type of fuel preferred [NG, LP, or Electricity]
  • Step 1
    Choose Your Application
  • Step 2
    Choose Your Heater Type

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  • Step 3
    Choose Your Heater
  • Step 4
    Choose Your Heating Stage Option

    Single heat option with one heat setting

    Dual heat option for a high or low heat setting

    Click here to learn more about the differences between single stage and 2-stage heaters →

  • Step 5
    Choose Your Colour
  • Step 6
    Choose Your Mounting Option

    Click here to learn more about different mounting options →

  • Step 7
    Choose Your Control Option

    Click here to learn about the different control options →

  • Step 8
    Provide Your Patio Information

    *A Floor Plan sketch and Cross Section is required to submit this form.
    Complete this electronic form by entering text, numbers, check boxes and radio buttons as required below.

    *INDICATES REQUIRED INFORMATION: Incomplete information will result in delays

    Distributor Information

    Type of Customer
    Distributor Name*
    Contact Person*
    State / Province / Region*
    Zip / Postal Code*

    Project Information

    Project Name*
    Project City*
    Project State / Province / region*
    Contact Person*
    ENTIRE PATIO TO BE HEATED* Indicate partial area on floor plan
    IS PATIO ADJACENT TO A WALl* If YES, indicate wall(s) on the floor plan & cross section
    CAN HEATERS BE MOUNTED ON A WALL* If YES, indicate which walls on your sketch

    Comfort Temperature Needs

    Temp in ºF or ºC*
    Coldest outside temperature*
    Desired Patio Temperature*
    IS THERE A ROOF / CANOPY OVER PATIO* Include a cross section sketch and indicate high and low point dimensions
    Roof Construction Material*
    IS THERE A WIND BREAK ON ANY SIDE OF PATIO* Indicate location(s) on the floor plan
    How much wind is blocked (%)*

    Floor Plan Sketch/Cross Section*


    Please attach a floor plan sketch or clear photograph of your patio with all dimensions and indicate:

    • Table locations
    • Table type: chair height tables; stool height tables
    • Windows and doors
    • Any wall area where heaters can be located
    • Any restrictions to heater locations (overhangs, signage, windows, etc)
    • Mark any partial area of floor plan to heat
    • Roof or canopy: high and low side dimensions, construction material
    Upload Floor Plan Sketch/Cross Section*
    Maximum 32MB File Size
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