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Overhead Outdoor Patio Heaters


Available Models

The bistroSchwank is available in a single stage model and a 2-stage model allowing for a high or low heat setting to make your customers more comfortable.

  • Single Stage

  • 35,000 Btuh [ Length: 44" ]
  • 50,000 Btuh [ Length: 44" ]
  • 2-Stage

  • 50,000 Btuh - High 36,500 Btuh - Low [ Length: 44" ]
bistroSchwank Matte Black Also Available

Available Colours

Comfort is important, but we also think your patio should look attractive to customers. Why sacrifice looks for heat? Choose a stainless steel sleek look or blend the heaters right into your overhead structure with an attractive black finish.

2-Stage *Optional

Turn the heat up!…or down. The 2-Stage bistroSchwank provides controlled comfort for your patio with the flick of a switch. Make patio season last all year long by creating the perfect temperature and comfort level to attract more customers and increase your profits.

2-Stage Heater Off 2-Stage Heater Low 2-Stage Heater High


Keep control of your customers comfort from a wall panel or through a wireless remote. Want more controlled comfort? Purchase our 2-Stage option control for a high and low heat setting. It's just that simple.

  • JP-1236-KT_Keypad-2

    Remote Control

    Feel free to walk around the patio and control up to 4 heaters or 4 zones with this wireless remote

  • Patio Panel

    Patio Panel

    This panel mounts directly onto your wall to easily control all of your patio heaters from one place

  • Single Switch

    Single Switch

    [ 2-Stage Models ]

    Control any 2-stage heater with this switch or 1 zone of up to 4 heaters

  • Double Switch

    Double Switch

    [ 2-Stage Models ]

    Control up to two 2-stage heaters with this switch or 2 zones of up to 8 heaters

  • Triple Switch

    Triple Switch

    [ 2-Stage Models ]

    Control up to three 2-stage heaters with this switch or 3 zones of up to 12 heaters

Mounting Options

Every patio is unique and we understand that. That is why patioSchwank has several mounting options are available in order to fit any restaurant patio design.

  • Wall Mount Bracket

    Ceiling/Wall Mount Bracket

    [ Sold Separately ]

    Mount your heaters firmly to the wall with this sturdy bracket [# JP-2100-CB-K mount kit].

  • Wall Mount Arm Kit

    Wall Mount Arm Kit

    [ Sold Separately ]

    Need more flexibility with the placement of your heaters? Use this arm kit to mount to any wall.

  • Post Mount Bracket Kit

    Post Mount Bracket Kit

    [ Sold Separately ]

    No wall or structure available? No problem, post mount your heaters in any area on your patio

bistroSchwank 2100 Series Gas Patio Heater - Documents

Title Version Date File File Type
bistroSchwank 2100 Series - Brochure M111114 RL:v1.9 Oct 2020 PDF
bistroSchwank 2100 Series - I&O Manual IM110107 RL:10B April 2019 PDF
bistroSchwank 2100 Series - Submittal SD061213 RL:3B Sept 2017 PDF
bistroSchwank 2100 Series - Replacement Parts List GP-R210-CX-01E RL:2A Nov 2014 PDF
bistroSchwank 2100 Series - Guideline Specs SP-EECQ-CX-01B June 2013 PDF
bistroSchwank 2300 Series - Mounting Bracket Kit Instructions IM220417-1A RL:1A Apr 2017 PDF
bistroSchwank Faceplate RL: v1.0 Oct 2019 PDF

Case Studies

patioSchwank heaters can be found on the patios of the world's largest franchises. View the case studies below to see where the bistroSchwank was installed and how satisfied our customers are with the performance and look of our heaters.


patioSchwank Case Study
Las Vegas, NV

Heating the Vegas strip with bistroSchwank heaters

View Case Study

Whole Foods

patioSchwank Case Study
Palm Desert, California

Whole Foods patio gets a patioSchwank makeover

View Case Study

Dry Dock Waterfront Grill

patioSchwank Case Study
Longboat Key, FL

Dry Dock Waterfront Grill increases revenue by installing bistroSchwank heaters

View Case Study
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    Our heaters have been installed in some of the most reputable franchises. See which restaurants chose patioSchwank to keep their customers comfortable.

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    Our free design services include a layout of your patio to ensure your patio heaters are perfectly positioned to heat your customers comfortably.

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