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Design Assistance

patioSchwank offers a free design service to ensure the heaters are properly placed to minimize heat loss and provide the most comfort for your outdoor patio. Unfortunately, most patio heater manufacturers do not take the time to properly design a patio layout which could result in your patio heaters being placed improperly and creating an environment that is too hot or too cold for customers or guests.

What is required?

  1. An accurate floor plan of the building or area to be heated.
  2. Dimensions, obstructions, distances to combustibles, and any other unique variables to the application.
  3. Download and complete the patio design form below and submit to to receive a complimentary design for your patio.


Tool/Form Purpose  Doc Rel #   Size    Rel. Date
Patio Design Form To provide heating project information and layouts for a patio heating design  PDF  RL:07A  673 KB April 2017


Patio Heater Design Process

The patio heater design process is a very strategic process that ensures the perfect amount of heat is getting delivered to cover your entire patio comfortably. Below are some of reasons why the patioSchwank design process is essential when installing heaters on your outdoor patio.

Effective Heat Coverage

patioSchwank provides a detailed design layout in order to ensure your patio has the most effective heat coverage to keep your customer comfortable. The pink icons in this example layout show where the heaters would be placed on a restaurant patio. Each heater in the image has its own spread of infrared wavelengths to demonstrate how much of that area each heater would cover. The key is to keep customers comfortable, not too hot and not too cold.

Sample Design


Clearance to Combustibles & Mounting HeightsMinimum Clearance to Combustibles

When installing patio heaters it is essential to maintain a minimum clearance to combustible from the structure to the heater. Basically, this measurement would be the minimum distance you can mount your heater to any structure.

The lower the clearance to combustible for a particular heater, the closer it can be mounted to a structure. This is very important when determining which heaters would be best for your outdoor patio. For example, a patio with very low ceilings would require a heater with a low clearances to combustibles in order to ensure the safety of your customers.

Schwank will analyze your entire patio to determine which heater best suits your outdoor space. The clearance to combustible specifications can be found on the back of all patioSchwank brochures.

Mounting Height

In order to keep your customers as comfortable as possible, it is important to determine what mounting height your heaters should be placed at. This is typically determined by the height of the structure, the clearance to combustibles and the heat output of the heater.

High intensity heaters such as our supremeSchwank or bistroSchwank models will deliver more heat to the floor and can be placed at higher mounting heights. Tube heaters such as our compactSchwank can be mounted closer to the customer and are great for low ceilings.

The table and diagram on the right list the clearance to combustibles for each model when the heater is horizontal and when the heater is on a 30° angle. It also lists the minimum mounting height from the floor and the suggested mounting height in order to ensure your heaters are properly placed to deliver the most comfort for your customers.

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